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Alex Antzoulatos

Alex Antzoulatos

Principal, Founder, 100% owner

Alex Antzoulatos Esq. is a practicing attorney working and residing in Queens County, New York. He has presented cases in 20 of the 62 counties in the state. He has opened a successful real estate practice in 2014, after practicing law for 11 years. He now practices in cases pertaining to complex criminal, civil, contract law, Tax Law, Immigration law, Patent Law. Some notable cases involve him representing clients in the Court of International Trade, Federal Court, NYS Supreme Court and the NYS Court of Appeals.

He earned his Juris Doctor at The New York Law School in Downtown Manhattan. He holds a MA/BA in Economics with a minor in Accounting from the City University of New York. After assessing the needs of his community and marketplace; he decided to go into private practice. His clients are routinely underserved, disserved by the law community. Quite often he has reduced his rates, forgiven balances, deferred billing, financed his clients for the sake of justice, or curing the injustices of his clients. Through word of mouth; he has built a portfolio of $85 million in legal cases that is set to double every 6 months.

He is excited about the future of his practice. He has plans to process the monthly claims of large insurance companies and is about to make deals with 5 legal representatives to feed him over 150 cases a month. This constitutes the 1st of many expansions he plans annually in the future. His goal is to be listed on a major US Stock Exchange in 10 years.

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